Your teacher's vision (Mme Guillet's)



(transcript below ;-))

Here is a list of all the words and ideas that come to my mind when dealing with the notion of "The Idea of Progress".

No specific order !

  • inventions
  • effects of New Technologies
  • is the Internet a positive or a negative advance
  • addiction and alienation (video-games / phone / webmail / social networks)
  • mind control
  • robots and Artificial Intelligence
  • science-fiction films and writings
  • genetics & ethics
  • adoption vs IVF
  • designer babies or saviour siblings
  • health scandals : viruses and global contamination
  • the evolution of mentalities : from prejudice to tolerance / gay marriage and forced marriage / from neglect to respect of our environment
  • environmental issues and the protection of the environment
  • GM food vs organic food
  • My city of the Future
  • Space & Time Travel



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