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Catégorie : POWER : WHERE & HOW

Here is a list of all the words and ideas  that come to my mind when dealing with the notion of "Power : where & how".

No specific order !

  • the power of the word : famous speeches
  • political platforms : power of the vote
  • literary works with an impact
  • politically correct language
  • examples of trials : the power of the word at court
  • the 3 Powers : the legislative, the executive, the judiciary
  • the Fourth Power (the Media)
  • Education & Literacy
  • Stereotypes and the power of the media
  • Role of the Media and Army in Wartime
  • Advertising strategies + spoof ads and the power of humour
  • Religion vs Science
  • Mind control and manipulation
  • the power of money : consumerism & gambling addiction
  • colonization and the oppression of early peoples to gain power
  • the Casinos of Native Americans
  • gender discrimination : the power of man vs woman in our societies
  • women's fight for freedom : women's vote, abortion rights, contraceptive pill
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