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Catégorie : MYTHS & HEROES

Here is a list of all the words and ideas  that come to my mind when dealing with the notion of "Myths & Heroes".

No specific order !

  • Creation Myths or how humans try to explain their world and presence on earth.
  • Myths of initiation : Ulysse / Alice in Wonderland
  • Mirror Images and the unescapability of Role Models
  • the Myth of Beauty : plastic surgery
  • stereotypes and the building of one's identity : we all want to be heroes
  • love-hate relationships with Parents
  • showbusiness stars & Sports heroes
  • The American Dream and Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
  • The Conquest of the American West and the Myth of the Frontier
  • The American Cowboy : the hero of westerns and Hollywood
  • from Martin Luther King & Malcolm X to Barack Obama : black emblematic figures
  • women emblematic figures and the role they play(ed) in our society
  • in time of War : who is the hero : the patriot, the anti-war activist, the runaway, the victim ?
  • modern heroes : superheroes and supervillains / firefighters / policemen / 911 terrorist attack
  • sports champions who take drugs
  • people who fight for a cause (Nelson Mandela, Gandhi...)
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