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Weapons VS Schools

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"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela (South Africa famous leader)


To understand Malala's story better: Pakistan's profile



Taliban continue to target schools



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Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani schoolgirl who fights for girls' right to get an education but who was shot because she dared speak out :

" Malala came to prominence when, as an 11-year-old, she wrote a diary for BBC Urdu, giving an account of how her school in Mingora town dealt with the Taliban's 2009 edict to close girls' schools.

Her love for education, and her courage in standing up to the Taliban, made her an icon of bravery and earned her a national peace award in 2011. "

from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-20908439



12 July 2013

United NationsMalala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly


Sports can Unite a Nation

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Nelson Mandela's speech & Olympic Games values

As we can read in the speech of Nelson Mandela, sport can be an exchange between countries and people. Like during the Olympic Games, peoples are united together in the same place to play or watch a game. They can talk together and create links whatever their origins or skills or disabilities. For example during the Paralympics Games, we don't care about difference or disability. During the games, the countries are proud to show the best of themselves, but the results are not the most important. The most important it's to be together, like a big family.

Louis, Ugo and Yoan



watch it on you tube


Here is an advertising campaign by Nike on Black History Month 2017 in the US, promoting EQUALITY, which sounds as altruist as could be, all the more so as the company announced that it was partnering with MENTOR and PeacePlayers International and that it will donate $5 million this year to those organizations and others “that advance equality in communities across the U.S.”

However, you should be aware that the company will also benefit from the campaign. You cannot escape the "shop now" button on their site, can you ?

Always keep your critical mind !


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The Power of Words and Images

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PROTEST SONGS : James Blunt's No Bravery


Spoof ads combine the power of words and humour.

The art of Rhetoric and Propaganda : discover the world of advertising strategies to understand how words and images can make buy, think or act.

ADVERTISING can also be a tool to protest or campaign to defend a cause :





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Evolution of mentalities : gender discrimination

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the fight of the suffragettes in America from HISTORY


The Suffragettes in Britain from the BBC


Ideals of Womanhood in Victorian Britain from the BBC


Advertising : fighting stereotypes or using them to sell ?



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Literary works and authors linked to the notion

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Pour pouvoir ouvrir les liens roses qui renvoient à l'encyclopédie Universalis (abonnement établissement) vous devez d'abord vous connecter avec vos identifiants ENT puis ouvrir Universalis sous l'icône PMB (bandeau ci dessus)


Literary works and authors linked to this notion


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