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Mémoire et Sentiment d’appartenance

Detective stories

New Missions 2des     Doors 5/11/12



I am a detective and I am going to solve different murder cases with my partners



Audio & Video Files from the Net 
  • Listen to this Vocabulary File and write the words while you hear them.
  • Then listen to the list on your phone to memorise it !


 Play games online !!

A body is found in a bathtub. Was it an accident or not? Join the investigation now and help crack the mystery.

Can you solve the case before the crime goes cold? Become the detective and catch the serial killer before it's too late

Gerry Skinner is found dead in a partially completed industrial unit. Can you solve the crime and catch the killer ?


 Train your ears !!

Play the trailer again


Read press articles or book excerpts !!

Read these pages about the 50 best crime writers ever and see if you know any of them !

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