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Nouvelles gagnantes des élèves de 2des de Mme Bentolila

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It all started when a young couple, James and Bonny, arrived at an orphanage to adopt a child. They found a lot of children playing in the playroom. No adult was present to supervise. The children were all playing except a little girl standing in the corner of the room. The couple asked her questions. She answered with a feeble voice: “There are only children here.”

    The couple decided to come back on the following day but there was still no adult around. The little girl gave them a drawing. The couple took it and when they saw what she had drawn, they were shocked.

    James and Bonny came every day but no one was taking care of the children. The little girl continued to give them drawings. The couple was more and more scared because the children were still alone and something strange seemed to be happening there. One day they decided to warn the police there was no adult in the orphanage but the inspector said the place was abandoned. The couple did not understand and went straight to the orphanage. When they arrived they discovered the children eating an old woman. She looked similar to the woman in the photo of the establishment. She was probably the head of the orphanage. The children were not human. They were tearing down her limbs.

    The little girl was hiding and crying behind a chest of drawers. The children had misshapen faces and were destroying their victim’ flesh. The couple took the little girl, ran and locked themselves up in a room, but the children broke the door and caught James. Bonny tried to hold him back, but unfortunately it was too late.

   Bonny and the little girl tried to escape but the children caught up with them. She tried to open the gate but it was closed. When Bonny tried to get out, the little girl was standing in front of her with all the children around. She was smiling…







Spider scare


In the deep heart of Wyoming, three scientists called Madeleine, Danny and Dr Julian were working on spiders. They created genetically modified spiders because people killed them and there were only about one hundred left on the planet. Dr Julian wanted to save them and make them immortal. The laboratory was locked and under strict control. One night, the three scientists were working together making dangerous experiments.  Suddenly, spiders got out of their boxes. Madeleine screamed:

“Oh my god! Danny! Dr Julian! Catch them! They are invincible!”

 Madeleine ran after the spiders crawling on the floor.

“Wait, Madeline! We haven’t finished our work, so they are really resistant! They can kill you!” Dr Julian said.

She did not listen to what the doctor was saying and was looking for the spiders. Then she fell on the floor. Surprised, Dr Julian and Danny ran up to her and found Madeleine’s dead body. She had stopped breathing.

“Oh my god, is she dead?” Danny asked.

 “Yes, she is, Danny. What are we going to do?” Dr Julian wondered.

They took the body and brought it to a closed room. There were really scared and shocked.

“Oh god, we have to find the cure…”, Danny said.

“I’ve got it. But there is still a little problem, Danny….”

“Jesus… We are already having some problems!”

“The cure kills everybody and everything. There are too many spiders here, we’re really in danger. We have to make a sacrifice… I am sorry, Danny.”

Suddenly, Madeleine’s hand moved and caught Dr Julian’s arm. She woke up screaming and opened her eyes. But they were bloodshot and bigger than before. She bit Dr Julian and wanted to do the same thing on Danny. He ran away in a scream. Dr Julian was dead and Madeleine alive. It was incredible.

Danny was alone and had to find the cure. He scoured the place and finally found it. It was in a highly secured box. He took it into another room and locked the door. He placed the cure in the air conduct because he wanted to spread it – the poison – that way. Everything was ready and so was Danny. When he sent the poison, all the doors opened. Madeleine was there standing in front of the room. She jumped on Danny and bit him. Danny fell dead.





The Brown Opportunity


Logan Mac Afferty was 26 year old an American man.

One day, he was contacted by the NASA for a secret mission on Pluto named The Brown Opportunity, whose aim was to discover a new life in space.

    After six months training in a secret base in the United States of America, Logan was ready to go to the space station next to Pluto. He was sent on his own on a Black rocket for a tree year long mission.

On the rocket,  Mr Milou, the BO commanding officer, talked to Logan and reminded him of the following: “On Pluto, you must find three things: water, any sign of life and a way to communicate with aliens if aliens be. Good luck, Logan.”

“Thank you, Sir.”, Logan said.

 Now he was on the brown planet, he looked for a trace of water with the help of a heat detector. He did so for two weeks and found nothing. Was there no water on Pluto? The planet had many creases. One day, Logan walked in the mountains to take pictures and did not notice there was a hole. He fell off the cliff and lost consciousness.

    Two hours later Logan woke up and saw a blue underground lake next to him. Logan was excited and happy. He had completed his mission! He took a picture of the beautiful scenery and took samples too to analyse in the station lab. Now he had two more things to find for Mr Milou.

    Logan had been working for two weeks trying to find a way to talk to the scientist. He built a transmitter with the metal and precious stones he had found on Pluto. Now it was impossible to communicate with Earth. He sent a message.

“Hello, Earth, Logan speaking. Can you hear me?”

“Hello, Logan, Dr Milou speaking. I can hear you ok.”, he said.

“Great, okay! I have found water and a way to communicate, but I haven’t found any sign of life on Pluto.”

“Good work. Keep digging, Logan.” Mr Milou asked.

“Okay, sir. I will do my best.”

“Sure, Logan, bye and good luck.”

Now he was alone, Logan had no idea as to how to find life on Pluto.

He walked around Pluto for about two days and found nothing. He decided to go to the underground lake to analyse the water and maybe find a sign of life….

    He took a few samples, analysed them and made scientific experiments. Logan found traces of bacteria and prehistoric animals! He was happy and it was now the end of the BO mission. He sent the latest analyses to Mr Milou. One day later, he was contacted by the scientist.

“Good job, Logan. You can return on Earth. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, sir.”

And Logan came back to Earth with a lot of memories. The Brown Opportunity mission had ended, but Pluto was still full of secrets.








The Aliens’ revenge

6000 years before, the Aliens had been invaded by humans from Earth. But now in 3021, they wanted to take revenge. They took a human appearance not to be seen and in order to become man’s friends. The humans trusted the aliens but the creatures did not have emotions except the prince of the aliens, who fell in love with Talia, a human.

    Cheston the prince rose up against his father because the kind wanted to kill the entire human race. So Cheston was helped by Biromi, his best friend and the king’s enemy.  In spite of his help, the rest of the aliens continued killing the humans. They used special weapons which made humans and all their things such as their homes, disappear.

    Therefore the Earth became empty and the dead people disappeared from the memory of the living. Only Talia noticed his family and other humans disappearing. The Earth was gradually emptying so the alien people could come in groups from their planet and invade the Earth. Talia was afraid and nobody saw it except Cheston. But she had a problem because she was keeping her human appearance.

    Cheston’s best friend was a druid and had a potion for Talia which could turn her into an alien. But still, there were human people alive and she wanted to save them so Talia gave the potion to the humans to save them. The king of the aliens decided to kill the woman because she ended up being the last woman on Earth. She died before the prince’s very eyes. He was really angry with his father and shot him with the aliens’ special weapons. Finally, Cheston became the new king of the aliens and decided to save all the humans. He became their friends in the memory of Talia his eternal love.  






A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, people from Toulouse had colonized a planet. This planet was special because it stood in a parallel universe and looked like Mars so the settlers called it Mars P. On the planet they discovered strange animals looking like marsupilamis, in other words, yellow monkeys with very long tails and black spots.  After a while, Mars chocolate bars and chocolate croissants fell off trees onto the ground. Their fruits came in pairs like cherries.

    Now in 2103 there was an extremely popular brownie maker in both universes and she was called Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth, also known as Eli, was a small woman with long red curly hair. She made different brownies, flavoured chocolate croissants and Mars chocolate bars. Like any human living on Mars P., Eli has a red and black skin and lived in a chocolate bar tree. She liked rugby too, rugby being the world sport.

One day as the sun was shining, Eli was making other brownies. When it was hot, she brought some to her marsupilami. It seemed to like it and kept asking for more and more. After ten brownies, Elizabeth decided to stop and sold the other ones. Several days later, she noticed that brownies were disappearing mysteriously. Only her brownies. That was strange.

    As time went by, she had less and less customers until that day when a very special customer came. It was a marsupilami wearing human clothes and keeping a person on a lead as a pet. Even if the brownie maker was surprised, she smiled and did her job. When the marsupilami left the shop with its human who was walking on all fours like a monkey, Elizabeth left her counter and locked up the shop. 

    She stepped into the street and she could see the same phenomenon everywhere: marsupilamis with human clothes keeping their master on leads. The marsupilamis behaved like humans and waved at Eli when they went past her. “Okay Eli, don’t freak out”, she thought.

“Excuse me? Hello, I am lost… What is going on?” she asked a marsupilami.

    Without answering, he took her through the city by the hand to the Town Hall. The mayor was standing in front of the door and looked like a dog. Frightened, Elizabeth went on to the building were the mayor was. In fact, it was the mayor’s marsupilami wearing his clothes.

“Oh, Miss Brown, pleased to meet you!”, he exclaimed. “Don’t be scared, I will not hurt you.”

    The woman was more than surprised.  It was the first time she had heard an animal talk. It -- or rather he, because it was like a human now -- had a deep voice, but soft and reassuring according to Elizabeth. As he saw she looked lost, the marsupilami offered Eli a conversation in the mayor’s office.

The discussion took about an hour. Meanwhile, the marsupilami who had introduced himself as John, informed the red-haired lady about the changes which had lately taken place. He owned up to the brownie story. The marsupial scientists had discovered a strange chemical reaction in their brains. Having eaten Mars brownies, they were more intelligent and John was the most intelligent of them all. He explained for the enslavement of humans too. Elizabeth Brown had been spared because she was the one who made the precious brownies.  

    Once it was all over, he let her go. She was free but under watch and had to make Mars brownies and that was it. Had she not been scared and known how to poison them, she would have done it. The thing was she was scared and she did not know how to. As she liked making brownies she was quite happy. But she went West when she turned 96 with her secret recipe. Nobody knows if the marsupilamis still run Mars or if humans have rebelled.


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Into the world - WINNER group A

Par Servane MARTINEZPublié le 21 janv. 2017 à 15:32 ♦ Mis à jour le 27 févr. 2017 à 14:51

Three years ago, I went to Peru for 2 months with my friend, Albert, a scientist specialized in precious stones. I went to this country to find new species of snakes.

After two weeks, Albert felt sick from an unknown disease and he had to stay in the farm where we were sleeping. I decided to continue our researches alone so I went in the nearby forest. After a day of walk, I was very tired and I wanted to find a place to sleep a little. Miraculously, I found a cave in the half-light. I went in and saw a well : I was very thirsty. I walked in the cave to drink the well's water. I walked close to the well, leaned above the well and suddenly, I fell, screaming a lot, and finally touched the ground.

I opened my eyes and stayed stupefied : I had never seen a place like this before. There was some vegetation with colorful trees, they were blue, pink, red, yellow with a lot of shades. Flowers sang with a sweet voice.

I tried to take my camera but it was broken. I was afraid but astounded. I decided to walk to visit this beautiful place. After a few minutes of walk, I saw a beautiful black snake with big green eyes. I had never seen this snake before and I was very happy to see this but my sublime black beauty was locked in a glass cage and I wanted to free it.I decided to throw my bag on the cage and it broke up the glass.

Suddenly, life stopped. Trees lost their colors, flowers stopped singing, all the beautiful things of this unknown world disappeared. At the same time, fairies came and took my arms. I was so shocked : fairies existed and I couldn't believe that was true. I ran with one of the fairies but I didn't know where I was going. I saw in her eyes that she was afraid. Her eyes were blue like a saphire and she also had long red hair. We arrived in a wood house which was very well decorated with a lot of flowers and unknown objects. The beautiful fairy who ran with me told me :

« -Who are you?! You're crazy ?! Where do you come from ?!

-I'm...Josh...a biologist specialized in the study of snakes »

She continued with a lot of fear in her voice : « Are you...a human ? « 

I answered yes and asked her about where we were. She told me that we were in Pandora, a world into my world. It was a planet which was created by fairies in the middle of the Earth because in a distant time, humans killed fairies because they believed that fairies were the incarnation of evil in the world. On this planet, they could live together safely. She explained to me that the balance of their world was defined by balance of the good and the bad. The white snake was the good part of the world, it did all the good and beautiful things on the planet, but there was an other snake : the black snake. My black beauty was the bad one, and suddenly I realized that I had released the evil snake, who was locked up to maintain peace and harmony of this unknown world. The fairy woman told me that I had to go see the old white snake at the top of the precious mountain to restore the balance of Pandora. She told me the direction I had to take to go to the mountain.

I started to walk again in this world, but with a different setting. It was not the beautiful one I'd seen before, it was so sad. I succeeded in reaching the mountain and I saw an old and beautiful white snake that seemed to waken. I walked close to him and he looked at me with a lot of kindness before telling me :

« - I know who you are and I know what you did. You can repair your errors and make this world a new world. You will be my heir. »

I did not understand : « -You don't know me and I can't be your heir... 

« -Of course you are. I've been waiting for you for a long time, and now, it's your turn to make the good of Pandora. »

Without being able to say a word, a white light blinded me and the snake disappeared. I wanted to repair the mistake I had made and make this world as beautiful as it was when I got there so, I returned to the first place that I saw in this world to fight with the bad snake.

I arrived behind it and when I approached it, it strengthened considerably. I heard a very powerful cry, wind was blowing, and the sky had turned black. When I opened my eyes again, the scenery had become peaceful again. All the fairies thanked me and cheered me. I closed my eyes to celebrate my victory and a voice called me very strong.

That's how I became the purity of Pandora.


Written by Inès, Flavy, Elona and Servane

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Murder in a dark street - WINNER group B

Par Laura DESMARETZPublié le 21 janv. 2017 à 16:20 ♦ Mis à jour le 27 févr. 2017 à 14:49

           One dark Friday night, in Autumn, Gordon, a 22 year old guy, spotty with greasy hair, was spending a really good time, listening to traditional Scottish music with his friends in a famous Edinburgh pub.

          At the same time, in the same pub, Ronn, a 30 year old boy, red-haired and obese, a dealer, was trying to get his money back. He was also the manager of a night grocery store. He was spending a quiet time like every evening, alone at his table. Suddenly he thought of all the people who owed him money and thought especially of the one who owed him the most, exactly 2145£, ... Gordon.

          It was a usual evening for both of them, until the moment when Ronn saw Gordon going out of the pub. It was three o'clock in the morning. He decided to follow him to his home.

          Gordon was returning home like every evening following the same streets, that Ronn himself knew very well. The young spotty man could feel he was being followed, he started to rush and run away. Ronn decided to drive to Gordon's building. Finally when he got there, Ronn rang pretending he was someone else to make Gordon come downstairs. Arrived at the bottom of his building Gordon saw nobody. So, he stepped into the street and suddenly saw Ronn... Gordon tried to flee but Ronn caught up with him and they started to fight. Gordon tried to explain but Ronn was very irritated, he didn't want to listen and gave him a five day deadline. Gordon spent the whole night thinking of how he was going to do to find the money.

           On the next day, having not slept at all, Gordon was exhausted and lost... His only solution was to give Ronn all his savings... Gordon having nothing left to pay for his rent, now lived in the street. He couldn't even buy something to eat or drink... And the most tragical for him was that he couldn't continue to pay for his studies. So he was hungry, thirsty, and alone.

             Lost in his thoughts , he took refuge in Waverley station, the second largest station in Edinburgh. He remembered that after the altercation with Ronn, he had decided to take his revenge by plundering his grocery store.

             So he devised a strategy to achieve his goal...

             A few days passed after the burglary, and Ronn was always in doubt, he wondered who could have robbed his grocery store. After multiple investigations conducted by the police, no criminal was found.

             Gordon, still alone in Waverley station suddenly had a problem: he only had two days left of his drug. As he was a real addict, he decided to go and see an old friend who owed him money to ask him if he could go and ask Ronn for his drug pretending  he was a new client. Not saying he was oneof Gordon's friends of course. He thought it was the best way get his drug.

             But when Charlie, his old friend, was going to meet Ronn in the famous pub where Ronn used to go, Ronn recognized him! Indeed, 3 years ago he had seen Gordon and Charlie in this same pub, singing famous French music with a very bad accent! This had marked him.

              So when Charlie started to talk, Ronn told him to go outside. Charlie hesitated but finally had to accept.

              Once outside in a dark street a little bit remote from the pub, Ronn slowly took out a knife from his pocket. Charlie started to panic, he stepped back slightly watching next to and behind him, but nobody.

              Ronn raised his arm to a dry and quick movement when suddenly... someone knocked at the door, crying out loud, as usual: "Lunch's ready!!"

              I pressed on the pause button of my remote control.



Written by Camille, Laura, Lea and Lena

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The mistery of towncity #3

Par Marine LAURENTPublié le 16 janv. 2017 à 10:46 ♦ Mis à jour le 27 févr. 2017 à 14:48

There was a city which was called Towncity, where some strange things happened. It was frightening, small and terrible.

In fact, some children disappeared, it stayed actually a huge mystery for all the people of this town.

We never saw them again .

A little blond child named James stood in the middle of this city,  in front of a church asking God to bless him of this tragedy.

All of his friends except one, Tomy,  were part of the missing children. Tomy was  youger than James.

After all of that, the two friends decided to elucidate this mistery without the help of their  parents who wouldn't let them look for all of the other children.

One night James and Tomy were in the street, looking for something strange, something like a killer, or a ghost…

But that night, the two children saw a huge shadow, it was like a big bat, but its « wings » were shred...They were afraid.

In that cold night, a child disappeared too, once again, like every night.

James and Tommy were running out of this street when they heard a big sound, like a low tone, the sound of this famous shadow…

They ran, and ran away, they were scared of that and at one moment they heard the sream once again, and after nothing… A long and heavy silent, a cold wind.

James and Tomy walked in a dark place, it was not really a place… It was like an other world…


2 years after, nobody had met them again… People still tell again that the two children haunt this city at night.


Written by Marine, Alice, Océane and Eve

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I want to see her #2

Par Fanny PLANAPublié le 16 janv. 2017 à 10:37 ♦ Mis à jour le 27 févr. 2017 à 14:48

It was midnight. Jack went to a party with Sally, his girlfriend. While he was saying hello to his friends, Sally started dancing in the middle of the room. She seemed light and her hair was floating, when she turned on that music's rhythm. She was so beautiful. Jack thought that she was the good one. He was starring at her deeply and told the man next to him : « I love her. »

The man frowned and moved away.

Suddenly, someone called John put his arms around Sally's waist. Jack felt anger raising. John was in problem.

The phone rang, Karen woke up and picked it up.

« -Good evening Madam, excuse me but are you Jack Gelligton's mother ?

-Yes, I am. Why ?

-Your son is at the hospital, come quick please.

-Is he alright ?

-Just come. »

Karen took her coat and her keys and started to run to the car. When she arrived, the doctor took her aside.

« -Isn't Sally with you ? » He said.

« -Who ?

-Jack's girlfriend !

-My son doesn't have any girlfriend sir...

-Are you sure ?

-Yes, absolutely.

-But, she's the one for whom he fought.

-He fought ?!

-It's more complicated... He... »

The doctor was interrupted by the screams of a woman.

« -Where is Jack ?! I want to see that guy, right now !

-What the hell ?» shouted Karen.

« -She was at the party, she is John's girlfriend. » said the doctor.

« -Yes, I know her. » replied the mother.

« -I saw your son Karen. He was speaking to himself. He was dancing and taking no one in his arms !

« -He seemed to think he was at the party with a girl. This Sally. But apparently, from what you tell me, she doesn't exist. »

Karen was livid.

« -I... I want to see Jack. »

The doctor inclined the head and entered a long corridor.

« -He jumped on this John, Madam. He was screaming : [Do not touch her]. I was having hope for you son but he will need to stay here. » He said.

At these words, they arrived in front of a large window.

« -You should not pass, I must tell you, he's dangerous... »

 -What are you talking about ? My son would not hurt anyone ! It's stupid! This John is talking bullshit ! 

-Jack killed him. »

Karen saw her son in a rubble room, hitting his head on the wall.


Written by Fanny, Nimué, Lydia and Mariem

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