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A new corpse #3

Par Aurore DUCROSPublié le 16 janv. 2017 à 09:54 ♦ Mis à jour le 05 juil. 2017 à 19:47

A few months ago, we had investigated on a special case. Many bodies were found, they seemed to die in a similar way. With my colleagues, Arya and Edward, we found many clues but each of them led us on a different track. The murderer killed each of his victims very « cleanly », there was no blood on the corpse.

   One day, a friend of one of the victims came to me. She told me that something was quite strange on the crime scene of her friend. I remembered the scene : the corpse was in the middle of the room sat on a chair with her eyes wide open. I was, for the first time in my career, afraid about the madness of the murderer. I decided to go there for another time: I tought that maybe I could see something very important about the murderer that I had missed on first inspection.

   I took my car to the crime scene where the house seemed giant and colorful. Once I arrived on the place, I felt something different in the atmosphere, even if it was early in the afternoon, everything was dark. I found the dead body (we never take the corpse until the murderer is in jail) and started to examine her. The victim was a girl, a very pretty girl. She was tall and had blond hair, her eyes were blue (one of the blue you see one time during your life). She seemed to be no more than 20. We didn't know how the crazy murderer killed her because like for the others, she didn't have blood on her body and she didn't look as if she had defended herself. Just her eyes looked afraid of what they saw, I felt so sad for this poor girl who hadn't chosen to die. Suddenly, I heard a noise far away in the street, a woman's scream.

  My colleagues sent me a message just after, everything was quiet for the moment but I was quite stressed. In the message, they said that one of their colleagues had found another body. Another girl, again; they told me to hurry to join them on the new murder scene.

   I entered in the house but nobody heard me, my friend Arya was close to the door but she didn't see me. I went upstairs and opened the door, some people were above the body. Nobody looked at me once, I went nearer the victim. I saw a blond girl who had died a few weeks ago then I looked at the other body and I saw the new corpse...it was me !


Written by Aurore, Camille, Clémence and Teilo

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Murder in a dark street - WINNER group B

Par Laura DESMARETZPublié le 21 janv. 2017 à 16:20 ♦ Mis à jour le 05 juil. 2017 à 19:43

           One dark Friday night, in Autumn, Gordon, a 22 year old guy, spotty with greasy hair, was spending a really good time, listening to traditional Scottish music with his friends in a famous Edinburgh pub.

          At the same time, in the same pub, Ronn, a 30 year old boy, red-haired and obese, a dealer, was trying to get his money back. He was also the manager of a night grocery store. He was spending a quiet time like every evening, alone at his table. Suddenly he thought of all the people who owed him money and thought especially of the one who owed him the most, exactly 2145£, ... Gordon.

          It was a usual evening for both of them, until the moment when Ronn saw Gordon going out of the pub. It was three o'clock in the morning. He decided to follow him to his home.

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Into the world - WINNER group A

Par Servane MARTINEZPublié le 21 janv. 2017 à 15:32 ♦ Mis à jour le 05 juil. 2017 à 19:42

Three years ago, I went to Peru for 2 months with my friend, Albert, a scientist specialized in precious stones. I went to this country to find new species of snakes.

After two weeks, Albert felt sick from an unknown disease and he had to stay in the farm where we were sleeping. I decided to continue our researches alone so I went in the nearby forest. After a day of walk, I was very tired and I wanted to find a place to sleep a little. Miraculously, I found a cave in the half-light. I went in and saw a well : I was very thirsty. I walked in the cave to drink the well's water. I walked close to the well, leaned above the well and suddenly, I fell, screaming a lot, and finally touched the ground.

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Nouvelles gagnantes des élèves de 2des de Mme Bentolila

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