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Welcome to Toulouse ! (2011)

The 3 Tracks !

Publié le jeudi 14 avril 2011 14:21 - Mis à jour le dimanche 24 avril 2011 20:26

 "the most beautiful roller's race in the World"

Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25 April 2011


This event will be celebrated like every year during the Easter holiday

For 25 years, approximately a thousand of skaters from the 4 continents have been meeting yearly in the sunny South of France. More than 40 km/h to measure their strength through 3 days of competition on 3 runways with banked curves which are the most popular in France.

"Le Trophée des 3 Pistes" in figures

  • 3 days of competition
  • on 3 tracks of south of France
  • thouthand of skater5-10 world Champions every years
  • 6000 spectators during 3 days
  • 162 teams wich 85 out of France
  • 500 french skaters
  • 500 foreign skaters

3 Days !

  1. Pibrac
  2. Valence d'Agen
  3. Gujan Mestras

NEW in 2011

This year, Quatar, Ecuador and Poland are engaged for the first time !!

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Enjoy "The 3 Tracks" live !!!

For more information, contact Daniel BONITON

President of the committee of organization


Mail: 3pistes@orange.fr

Official Site : www.3pistes.com/