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Welcome to Toulouse ! (2011)

E-Pals' Feedback

Par YANNICK GUILLET, publié le jeudi 26 mai 2011 09:09 - Mis à jour le samedi 4 juin 2011 16:02

 Here are our e-pals' remarks on our blog !

I loved reading about the history of Toulouse, especially the architecture of the Capitole and the walled city of Carcassonne.  It's interesting to see that history next to the manga convention and skating competition that are held in Toulouse annually.  And I would love to visit the African Safari at the zoo and see how it compares to zoos here.  Toulouse seems like a really great city, and I hope I get the chance to go there someday.  (I do wish there were more pictures, though.)

I thought the website was great! there was a lot of information about the area and bits of culture! I thought it was really cute that they included a page for the zoo and had the price listed. and so many smileys.
I like that they had such a diverse range of activities- from a space-themed theme park to a zoo to the (really awesome sounding) sloped roller derby. I would have liked to hear more about the walled city of Carcassonne; they only mentioned that there was a legend explaining its name and walls, but they didn't tell the actual legend. 
It might have helped if they provided more details. 
Also, the site seems to read more like a tourist brochure than a class project. I would have liked to hear more about the student's daily activities. 
On the plus side, their links were well-placed and supplemented the presentation well (for instance the "dance with a robot" link under "futuroscope").

It was very informative, but I wish they had more pictures so I'd be able to envision it better.


I thought all in all it was pretty good! I think you picked interesting places and events and described them pretty thoroughly (for the most part). The website makes me want to go visit Toulouse, though I wish more pictures were included, so I could see what the city looks like. The only other thing is that it looks like it was made for tourists, rather than focusing on what daily life is like in Toulouse. I thought it was well done, though.
The website was very informative but I would have preferred more pictures of their city and "hot spots" instead of just maps.Also, I would have liked if they included more information about their pesonal French teenage lives!
J’ai aimé le blog. Je pense que “Cliché clash,” Typical everyday lives,” What the legal age for…,” et “How American teenager see French ones and vise versa” sont drôle et ils sont mes sujets favorite.

I really enjoyed viewing their webpage.  It was easy to get a feel about Toulouse and the surrounding region.  All the information was intriguing, especially the info about the zoo and the capitol region.  The videos on the side links were very useful also.  The only thing I wish there was more of.. are photos! Other than that, it looked like a great site!


The website overall was very good. A lot of descriptions about the different topics presented.  The only thing I would like more would be the amount of pictures.  Overall it was a good website and the organization was great. Thanks for showing us Toulouse!


I was finally able to find my way around the website, and I really like the part where our penapals describe the lives of American and French teenagers. It's interesting to see the differences and stereotypes between the two. I do think it is sort of funny that they think we all ride yellow buses to school and get plastic surgery when we are sixteen!


I think the design of the website is great: in terms of graphics, it has a nice, colorful layout without being too overly decorative, making it pleasing to look at. In terms of functionality, it's easy to navigate through the site and find what you're exactly looking for. Organization is, likewise, fantastic. There's a lot of information to dig through and it would've been a bit troublesome to look for the right things, but fortunately there are labels all throughout the website.

Upon reading several articles on the Toulouse website, I found it very informative.  I found and read many pages regarding normal school life, and information on the bac and what one can do after passing the bac.  also, I was able to find this page which I really enjoyed because it showed many pictures of the campus. It's a really nice campus.

It was easier to read when they made subcategories in each link. I enjoy reading it better like that than an essay or a long paragraph or something. Also, the pictures make it more interesting. The links to other websites are a nice touch too.