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Welcome to Toulouse ! (2011)

At the ZOO !

Publié le samedi 16 avril 2011 17:18 - Mis à jour le dimanche 24 avril 2011 19:39

Welcome to the Zoo ! 


The name of the park is African Safari.

The zoo is situaded in Plaisance du touch, near Toulouse, 41 rue des Landes 31830 Plaisance du touch.

It is 20 hectares big. There are different species of animals.

II-Things to see in zoo:

At the zoo we can find two parts one to visit by car and another one on foot.

A) By car:

The first is an African reserve where there are more than 100 animals over 15 hectares. We can see gnous, lions, rhinoceros, zebras etc. You will observe them in your car on a 2 kilometres long track.

B) On foot:

The second part hosts more than 350 animals coming from all over the world! Monkeys, elephants, tigers etc. We can see an exhibition of otaries since 1999 and many birds too.

III-Things to do:

In the park, we can picnic, buy souvenirs from the shop and have a drink in the bar. It is great fun for both adults and children ! 




8,50 € for children from 2 to 10 

12,50€ for adults above 10 !

Open every day from April to September and Summer !

From 10:00 to 18:00 !

Free car park !


Bye Bye, see you later, at the zoo!

For more information

please contact (tel) 05-61-86-45-03 or (fax) 05-61-06-70-18!