Welcome to Toulouse and its Region !

A guided tour of Toulouse and its Region

for our American e-pals


 Our project started in September 2010 and was to last throughout the school year until June 2011.

Our English teacher, Mme Guillet, knew a French teacher, Mrs Fine, in Los Alamitos High, California.


 The aim of the project was to share information about our teenage lives, likes and dislikes and know more about the places where we lived .

Our e-pals were about the same age and had been learning French for 3 or 4 years.

  • You can download their logfile

  • Vous pouvez télécharger leur dossier de travail

 The different steps of our project

First we had to get to know our e-pals so our first mail was focused on physical and moral portraits.

Then we shared our views on films we liked.

The last step was to present our region as we would on a tourist brochure, so we had to collect information and data to show them what was interesting to see and do in Toulouse and its region, from our teenage point of view, of course !

Finally we had to write our entry on the blog.

 The topics we covered

We chose these places or events because we particularly like them and find them interesting or attractive for foreigners visiting our country.

  1. The Capitole Square
  2. The Capitole's Architecture
  3. The Capitole Theatre
  4. The Wilson Square
  5. La Cité de l'Espace !
  6. At the ZOO !
  7. Toulouse Game Show !
  8. The 3 Tracks !
  9. Carcassonne
  10. The Futuroscope

As a conclusion, it was not easy because we had a lot of trouble with computers but our teacher helped us a lot !!

 Our e-pals posted their feed-back to our Blog and created their own Blog for us to know more about them  !

Read our e-pals' feedback

The 2° G7 students 

Mme Guillet

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