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Welcome to our School ! (2011)

Toulouse !

Publié le lundi 18 avril 2011 09:55 - Mis à jour le mercredi 20 avril 2011 12:41

Why not visit Toulouse, our region capital city ?

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It is situated in the South of France. Through the town runs a river called "la Garonne" which goes to the sea.

This town has a windy weather and temperate climate. Its average annual temperature is 13.4°c. The area is 11.830 hectares.

This town was subject to a hurricane in May 1990.

There are 446.340 inhabitants in Toulouse. It's the fourth  biggest town in France.

It was first inhabited by Gauls and Romans. 

In our town most buildings are built with pink brick. That's why Toulouse is called the 'pink city'

Lisa & Manon