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Welcome to our School ! (2011)

The School Grounds

Publié le lundi 18 avril 2011 09:57 - Mis à jour le mercredi 20 avril 2011 17:51

The front of our school faces the main road.

The pupils go outside the gates at break when they want to smoke a cigarette.

The teachers have a private secured car park, on the right of the gates.

The backyard is immense ! It is made of country fields and in the middle there is our little garden square with our flowers !!

Now there are trees which were planted during winter break, in February 2011! When we came back from holiday, we could see trees already grown and ready to bloom !

Our flower project started in December with the planting of bulbs, which have been growing, first with the crocuses, second with the hyacynths and daffodils and last with the tulips. 

But they have all withered now.

At the extreme North end of the yard you can see the Gymnasium, the white building on the right in the background. The Cafeteria is South of the Gym, at the far end of the covered alley. The infirmary is on the right of the Cafeteria. 

A long covered alley joins the Cafeteria and the Pupils' Rooms, on the left in the foreground . Our garden square is just in front of the Pupils' Room and back of the Entrance Hall, so that, when we are in the Hall, everybody can see our beautiful flower garden.

It's the most beautiful garden of all lycées in the world. You can visit our lycée whenever you like!

Our Lycée is being extended (on the photo's background) because we will be welcoming more classes next year : new classrooms, a new larger Cafeteria, and the Pupils' Rooms will have two extra rooms.

Gaëtan & Melvin