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Welcome to our School ! (2011)

The Hall !

Publié le lundi 18 avril 2011 09:43 - Mis à jour le mercredi 20 avril 2011 18:21

Here is the entrance hall of our school !

The main road is in the background. The photo was taken from within from the first floor.

From time to time there are exhibitions such as, at the moment, philosophical quotations on the windows (see these black writings ) made by senior classes, and exhibitions of students' works on the environment or political systems, photos of Nature views and a map of the school.

There is an elevator on the right (see the grey door in the background, on the ground floor ?) for pupils with crutches or in wheelchairs. There are stairs on the left for the teachers to go to the staffroom located on the second floor. (Normally pupils are not allowed on these stairs but for the photo our teachers authorized us  !!) At the top of the stairs, there is the first floor with classrooms. There are classrooms too on the groundfloor. You can see our library on the right of the elevator : in the background, on the first floor.

The pupils often meet in the Hall between noon and 1:30 (lunch break). In the morning, there are a lot of people because they want to go directly to their classrooms. But otherwise all the pupils are more often outside , except on rainy days, then the Hall is full.

The hall is an important place !

It is the entrance but also the center of the main building. Huge window panes let the light come in. It is an open space to the first and second floor thanks to the architecture of the place.

Camille & Laurie