Groups and affinities in our class

In every class, you can find groups. The groups depend on styles. In our class there are different groups of friends. They don't form according to their clothing styles but according to their characters.


¤ There are three girls who are preoccupied with their physical appearance and who always stay together.   "The Threesome"

¤ There is a group of ten boy who are funny, who like partying. " The funnies " Two of them are like Laurel and Hardy, and call themselves Rathino and Bekeninho after their family names !

¤ There is a group of six who hardly became part of the class.  " The natural "

¤ There is a group of five girls who are cool, they like simple things.  " The quiet girls "

¤ There is a group of three girls who are always three.  " The CMM " (after their names initials)

¤ There is a group of five boys who always try to make the class laugh.  " The cool boys "

¤ There is a group of three girls who are very well integrated in the class, they speak with all the other students in the class.  " The infernal trio "


In the class, two groups of girls get on well with a group of boys because they have the same likings and they also see each other except during lessons.

The groups are really separate except for three groups which sometimes mix.

 Adeline and Charlène

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