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Teenagers' Lives (2010)

Food Habits Here and There

Publié le lundi 31 mai 2010 14:20 - Mis à jour le jeudi 10 juin 2010 18:06

    Our article deals with the differences beetween French and American food habits.

    This poll was conducted on 20 students from our class to know about their food habits.



    Stereotype of the French typical meal: Frogs

    Stereotype of the American typical meal: Fries and hamburgers

    After asking our e-pals, we can see that in general they don't really like fast-food. When they eat it, it's often because they don't have time to cook. And that's also the reason why they buy prepared meals. Some teens know how to cook but they let their parents do it because they need to do their homework. They also enjoy foreign food like us. In America, for breakfast, most people start out with cereals and milk, oatmeal, or toasts with a cup of coffee or juice. Most of them eat snacks such as vegetables or crackers before noon. However working adults choose to eat later in the day. For dinner, they eat some kind of meat ( like chicken steak or even fish) with pasta, potatoe salad, or bread. Pizza is absolutely an American favorite ! And because they tend to overeat, desert is also a priority : ice cream, cookies, brownies or pie are enjoyed soon after dinner.


    Céline, Eva and Maria