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Teenagers' Lives (2010)

Clichés Clash!

Publié le lundi 31 mai 2010 14:20 - Mis à jour le dimanche 13 juin 2010 07:47


 France Etats-Unis

What is a stereotype?

It's a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. One that is regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type.

Questionnaire to the class :

  • Do you think that American teenagers are big?

Yes -> 82,6%      No -> 17,4%


  • Do American policemen eat doughnuts as shown on U.S TV series?

Yes -> 47,8%         No -> 52,2%


  • Do you think that there are amazing parties on American campuses?

Yes -> 91,3%         No -> 8,7%


  • Do American people go to school with big yellow buses?

Yes -> 91,3%         No -> 8,7%


  • Do you think that American people drive enormous cars and that they drive since the age of 16?

Yes -> 65,2%         No -> 34,8%


French by a American

A typical French as seen by an American

Here is the vision of a young Californian girl :

Now I can tell you clichés that Americans have about French people.

Yes it is true that many Americans believe the French are arrogant people.

Another cliché is that French people rarely bathe and French women do not shave.

Also, when Americans think of France and Paris they relate those places to love stories and romance.

One last cliché is that French only eat cheese and baguettes and drink a lot of wine.

A typic american

A typical American as seen by a French

In France we have many clichés about American people because American films and TV series distort the truth.

For example we think that all male students play basket-ball in their school team, and that each female student is a cheerlader.

We also believe that policemen always eat doughnuts!

Another cliché is that students go to school taking yellow buses. For French teenagers, Americans drive big cars. The rest of the world think that American people are big and always go to Mac Donalds or Fast-food shops.

Last but not least, American girls are believed to undergo plastic surgery to have their bodies transformed when they are 16 !...


Alexandre and Clément