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E-Twinning 2010-2012

STEP 7 : And the winners are ...

Par YANNICK GUILLET, publié le vendredi 6 mai 2011 20:52 - Mis à jour le vendredi 6 mai 2011 21:13

Our twins have voted !!  

And the winners of our contest ANIMAL TALE WRITERS are




Simon , Julien, Pierre
How the Slug got its house
A long time ago, the slug was a little dynamic creature who made long day trips. But once, in winter, the slug needed a house in the forest as a shelter from rain and snow to sleep in. But it didn't find anything.
After long and difficult hours of research, the slug found a little shell. As it was so tired, it went into the shell to find shelter from the rain and the wind. It found its new house so hot and so light that it decided to keep its shell on its back everyday of its future life.
During its journey, a lot of slugs saw the slug with its shell and they decided to do the same. After three years, the slug wanted to remove its shell but it couldn't manage and became a snail.
The moral of this story is that when you have a house, your heart is warmed. 
Annalle and Shanel
How the Caterpillar became bad
A long time ago, the caterpillar was a little creeping creature, who was dreaming to be a fly, because she was afraid of the big bugs roaring on the road, that she didn't know about.
She felt alone, facing the whole world. The caterpillar was still walking when suddenly she fell into a pool of water. She didn't understand! She didn't sink! She grew bigger all at once.
For some days, the caterpillar took advantage of her power and grew so big that she bumped into the road big bugs, which provoked a terrible accident.
She was happy and thought that being bigger was an advantage indeed. But, her joy didn't last. A draught arrived in her city and her power disappeared. She cried, she cried ! And heard a sound... Splash... ! The caterpillar had been squashed.
Conclusion : never attack more little than yourself or it will turn against you.
Ophélie and Anais
How the Bee got its stripes
A long time ago, the bee was a very little animal who didn't have any yellow stripes. She as black as a black bug.
One day of beautiful weather, the bee went for a walk through the flowers. When suddenly, a very big thunder arrived. She was anxious and she took refuge in the yellow flowers.
She found the colors of pollen very fascinating and thought that other bees were jealous with her new look. She took on her leg a little quantity of pollen to draw a stripe on her body. Later when the thunder was finished, the little bee returned to her hive. She launched a new fashion.
The moral of this story is : difference is a quality you will copy.