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E-Twinning 2010-2012

STEP 6 : Watching the Plants Grow

Par YANNICK GUILLET, publié le lundi 25 avril 2011 23:15 - Mis à jour le lundi 25 avril 2011 23:15


Teacher's husband giving a helping hand to prepare the land and planting lot with fresh earth. Cold weather 8°C.


Whole group giving a hand to plant the bulbs, one sunny Tuesday afternoon


2 months and a half of cold weather and not much water but just enough at the right moment to satisfy the bulbs' needs!

11 weeks after the planting, the first greens start showing .

Daffodils spring up !! and Hyacynths too !! MAGIC.

But you see how the earth is dry. It would really need watering. Three days after taking these photos, the rain was falling, at last !!


Exactly three weeks later, the first flowers appear. In fact they grew while we were on holiday. When we came back to school we had two nice yellow lines and some pinky spots !!

And trees had also grown during the holiday !! Aren't we good at gardening !!! (In fact they had been planted by the people responsible for the gardening )


Spot the yellow crocus on the last photo as well.


We were all out to celebrate the success of our planting !  But we were a bit cold so we didn't stay out long. 13°C is not summer time !



Three days later, over the week-end, see how the plants are growing fast, because they receive just what they need of rain and sun. We are so lucky !



Unfortunately you can see that there are two lines mssing, we were short of tulip bulbs.  

We'll have to add these next year !


Now admire the job !!


The flowers are now slowly withering... because the weather is so dry