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STEP 4 : Writing Animal Tales

Par YANNICK GUILLET, publié le lundi 25 avril 2011 23:12 - Mis à jour le lundi 25 avril 2011 23:13
We have written Animal Tales and hope our British Friends will enjoy them !
We would like to know which one you prefer and why  .
Tale 1
by Camille and Laurie
How the Rabbit got its ears
A long time ago, the rabbit was a little animal with tiny ears, but the animal wanted to have long ears to hear better because it didn't hear well. So, the snake decided to help it, but it didn't know how. Eventually, it found an idea : it was to pull at its ears and they grew longer!!
The rabbit was so happy when it saw its new long ears.
Then, it thanked the snake for its help and its friendship.
The snake will be there for the rabbit for ever. They became the best friends in the world.
The moral of this story is that you must always help friends when they need you.
Tale 2
by Simon, Julien and Pierre
How the Slug got its house
A long time ago, the slug was a little dynamic creature who made long day trips. But once, in winter, the slug needed a house in the forest as a shelter from rain and snow to sleep in. But it didn't find anything.
After long and difficult hours of research, the slug found a little shell. As it was so tired, it went into the shell to find shelter from the rain and the wind. It found its new house so hot and so light that it decided to keep its shell on its back everyday of its future life.
During its journey, a lot of slugs saw the slug with its shell and they decided to do the same. After three years, the slug wanted to remove its shell but it couldn't manage and became a snail.
The moral of this story is that when you have a house, your heart is warmed. 
Tale 3
by Melvin, Gaetan and Jean-Baptiste
How the Rabbit got its ears
A long time ago, the rabbit didn't have any ears. He was sad because he was deaf. For a long time he looked for ears. In beautiful days he saw kangaroos and jumped in their pockets and surprise, surprise !! He found ears. Afterwards, very happy, he went to his house but on the road a fox caught the rabbit's ears. Finally the rabbit managed to escape without his ears but the rabbit shouted « Stop it, you thief ! » ! But it was useless.
He felt very depressed , so he started to smoke and drink a lot. Every day he looked for his ears but never found them. He thought that all the kangaroos had ears in their pockets. So he went to Australia to find new ears. But he never found any though he looked for very long. So he went back home. He looked in his letter box and he saw his ears in the letter box and he was very happy.
Foxes feel guilty and finally give back what they steal.
Tale 4
by Annaëlle and Shanel
How the Caterpillar became bad
A long time ago, the caterpillar was a little creeping creature, who was dreaming to be a fly, because she was afraid of the big bugs roaring on the road, that she didn't know about.
She felt alone, facing the whole world. The caterpillar was still walking when suddenly she fell into a pool of water. She didn't understand! She didn't sink! She grew bigger all at once.
For some days, the caterpillar took advantage of her power and grew so big that she bumped into the road big bugs, which provoked a terrible accident.
She was happy and thought that being bigger was an advantage indeed. But, her joy didn't last. A draught arrived in her city and her power disappeared. She cried, she cried ! And heard a sound... Splash... ! The caterpillar had been squashed.
Conclusion : never attack more little than yourself or it will turn against you.
Tale 5
by Soa and Antonin
How the Snail got its shell
A long time ago, the snail was a little creature who didn't have any shell but God said : One day, you will have a game. So it was decided that they would choose up into two teams : slugs and snails. The snail wanted to play with the others animals and asked the snail team if he wanted to play with him. Snails said : « You don't have a shell so you can't play with us. » As the snail team wouldn't play with him, the snail asked the slug team : « Can I play with you ? » The slug team answered : « You haven't the same colors as us. ». As they were talking one of the snail said : « If you want to play with us, you must go up on the nut tree opposite to you, when you are at the very top, take the shell and bring it back to me. »
The moral of this story is there is always a solution to a problem.
Tale 6
by Anaïs and Ophélie
How the Bee got its stripes
A long time ago, the bee was a very little animal who didn't have any yellow stripes. She as black as a black bug.
One day of beautiful weather, the bee went for a walk through the flowers. When suddenly, a very big thunder arrived. She was anxious and she took refuge in the yellow flowers.
She found the colors of pollen very fascinating and thought that other bees were jealous with her new look. She took on her leg a little quantity of pollen to draw a stripe on her body. Later when the thunder was finished, the little bee returned to her hive. She launched a new fashion.
The moral of this story is : difference is a quality you will copy.
Tale 7
by Lisa and Manon
How the Mouse got its tail
This story speaks about a mouse. A long time ago, the mouse was a little creature who didn't have a tail. A mouse was called Mischievous because she would steal biscuits in the humans' house.
One day, as Mischievous was stealing biscuits, the man who was living in the house was sleeping on the sofa but she hadn't seen him. Then as usual she opened, took everything she found. In the meantime, the man heard a noise and he went to see what was happening. Mischievous heard the man and hurried to get back into her hole but suddenly the man ran behind her and caught her by the bottom and pulled her very strongly to him. She screamed because it hurt her. Since that day, she has a tail !
The moral of the story is We mustn't steal because we can loose more than you win.
Tale 8
by Fanny and Maymouna
How the Ladybird got its spots
A long time ago, the ladybird was a little round animal who was all red. One day , the ladybird went for a walk and looked at trees. She walked for long time. Suddenly a very big bike arrived and splashed her with petrol. The poor small ladybird turned black. She was furious and went back to her house . She bathed for a long time, hoping to get rid of the filthy black petrol.
Then the ladybird looked at herself in the mirror and saw that on her dress, she had six black spots.

The moral of this story is that you must be careful to look where you are walking .